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Updated December, 2019

   The home pages listed on this page are some web site links we have selected from our "Believer Links" pages. These are sites that have been produced by believers who have a history with the teachings of the Power For Abundant Living Class.

   As with everything, line up what you read against what the Word says. Some, although at one time taught the foundational principles of the Word of God, have teachings on their pages that do not reflect that foundation and may lead to error. We have visited the sites and refused to list sites that do not reflect the doctrine of the grace of God and the hope of Christ's return as we have been taught. Some of these pages contain links to other sites that we would not recommend visiting.

   We have presented these links to help believers locate others they knew from their past association with the Way International. The inclusion of a web page here does not indicate that we endorse the content of that page.

   There are many other believers who maintain personal web pages that are listed along with their e-mail addresses on our "Believer Links" pages and are worth checking out as well.

Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good.

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