James 1:17

Can you remember ever getting a present that seemed absolutely perfect?
A present that was exactly what you wanted and needed?

Whoever gave you that present certainly put a lot of care and love into choosing it
and giving it to you.

But where do perfect gifts come from?  They come from God, of course.
The greatest gifts we have received from God are holy spirit and eternal life.

What did they cost God?  They cost the life of His only begotten son Jesus Christ.

Are these gifts something we needed?  Yes, they are.
The Word says that we were without God and without hope in the world.

Why did he give us these gifts?  He gave because He loved.

Of course, God gives us other things in our lives as well.
The important thing to remember is that anything from God is perfect,
not just "good enough."  And let's remember to thank Him.

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