Greetings dear ones, in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

     In response to "what is available" from Household Music and "how to receive it," here is the information you've most often asked about: Two new album projects are "under construction" at this time. Please keep this in your prayers.  The other work of the ministry has priority, of course, but if our Lord does not gather us first, then, eventually these new albums will be finished and available.

Three albums of music are currently available and are shown below with song titles listed:
Gentle Songs CD
(Gentle Songs with vocals)
1. God's Love
2. Look Into the Word
3. God of Comfort
4. Oh the Price He Paid
5. Pentecost Song
6. Gotta Be God
7.  Daddy's Arms
8.  Gentle and Kind
9.  The Promised Seed
10. So Thankful
11. Walk with God
12. Doulos
13.  All I Need
14.  God's Own Seed
15.  Could Be Today
16.  In A Moment
17.  Christ's Return
18.  God is Faithful
Rhythm & Joy CD
("Rockin Songs" with vocals)
1.  Bema Time!
2.  To Another
3.  Story to Tell
4.  Speakin' God's Word
5.  Mine the Diamonds
6.  Up to God's Word
7.  Walkin' with Believers
8.  Look at God's Word
9.  So Much to be Thankful for
10. Change in the Weather
11.  Keep Growing
12.  He's Coming Back
13.  With Hope
14.  Now is the Time
Instrumental Songs CD
(Live cello, violins, guitar, 
grand piano, flute, etc; no vocals)
1.  Quiet Seas
2.  Look Into the Word
3.  You Lord
4.  The God of Peace
5.  Oh the Price He Paid
6.  My Jesus I Love Thee
7.  Doulos
8.  In His Own Quiet Way
9.  Singing in Daddy's Arms
10. Growing in Agape'
11. Healer of Broken Hearts
12. Great is Thy Faithfulness

God Bless You Abundantly