A Bottle in the Smoke

Psalm 119:83
   For I am become like a bottle in the smoke; yet do I not forget thy statutes

   In the Bible lands and times poor people who could not afford their own well would carry a "bottle" made of goatskin. They would have to buy or beg water from those who had a well. They would hang the bottle from the ceiling in their small hut. A fire in the hut made from cut grass and thorns was used to cook their meals and heat the hut. The smoke and heat from the fire would cause the goatskin water bottle to become blackened and cracked. To be like a "bottle in the smoke" represented a destitute life full of crisis and helplessness.

   In helpless situations, where there is nothing we can do for ourselves, we can always look to God and His wonderful word for deliverance.

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