Proverbs 31:10    Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
Proverbs 31:10-31
V10 - Strong in all ways, rare, priceless. V11 - Trustworthy, having all sufficiency. V12 - Sterling character, good to her husband. V13 - Ingenious, industrious, a hard worker. V14 - Energetic, demands the best for her family. V15 - Not lazy, dutiful, compassionate. V16 - Versatile, a good business woman, a provider for her family. V17 - Robust, healthy, works out, physically fit. V18 - Attractive, sexually exciting, God centered. V19 - Skillful, thrifty. V20 - Merciful, charitable. V21 - Fearless, believes in abundance. V22 - Refined, tasteful, sharp dresser and a good seamstress. V23 - A credit to her husband. V24 - Confident, skillful, helps provide the family income. V25 - Respected by others, strong. V26 - Wise, discrete, kind. V27 - Good mother, not idle, not a busy body, practical, energetic. V28 - Well respected, good wife, good mother. V29 - The best of the best, honorable. V30 - Respects God, praiseworthy. V31 - Works at being a virtuous woman of God, bears fruit.

    "Virtuous" is the Hebrew word chayil which means "strong in all ways." Her price is far above rubies. A ruby is a very rare and costly gem stone. Who can find? is a rhetorical question asked for thoughtfulness. It does not mean that it is impossible to find a virtuous woman of God - it just means that they are rare. She is a rare and priceless gem. In the Bible, Ruth was described as a virtuous woman.

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