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Might - Strong's number H1369 geburah - force, mastery, might, power, strength.

   O LORD God of hosts, who is a strong LORD like unto thee? 13 Thou hast a mighty arm: strong is thy hand, and high is thy right hand. Psalm 89:8,13

   O Lord GOD, thou hast begun to shew thy servant thy greatness, and thy mighty hand: for what God is there in heaven or in earth, that can do according to thy works, and according to thy might? Deuteronomy 3:24

   . . . O LORD God of our fathers, art not Thou God in heaven? and rulest not Thou over all the kingdoms of the nations ? and in Thine hand is there not power and might, and there is none able to withstand Thee? (EWB) 2Chronicles 20:6

   Be thou exalted, LORD, in thine own strength: so will we sing and praise thy power. Psalm 21:13

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