Many times in our busy days we pass up or miss opportunities to share God's Word like we should. 

These Witness Wear products are designed to prompt and engage people in conversation concerning God's Word.

Be Bold!


The Heart Behind the Shirts
     I have been a teacher in a prison for over 21 years.  There is a regulation against staff members engaging inmates in conversation about God’s Word.  However, if an inmate initiates the conversation and if I can say “since you brought it up” then I am free to speak.  Throughout the years I have had wonderful & dynamic opportunities to share the glory of God with inmates.  I decided to develop this line of t-shirts to prompt people in my daily walk to ask a question that I can answer with “since you brought it up!”  I have had many opportunities because I was wearing one of these shirts.  It has been fun!
Be Ready - Be Bold - Be Blessed!

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