Keys to Research

The Word of God interprets itself.

To understand God's Word certain keys to research must be understood and applied when working the Word to avoid private interpretation and maintain the integrity of the original text.

These studies are provided to outline some of the simple keys to understanding God's Word.

Michael Cortright

Volume 1 No.1 - The Authorized King James Version
The KJV, Italicized Words, Old English, Chapters, Verses, Capital Letters, Punctuation, Paragraph Markings, Chapter Headings, Center References, and Red Letters
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Volume 1 No.2 - The Scope of God's Word
The Subject, Administrations, To Whom Written, and The Order of The Epistles
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Volume 1 No.3 - The Context of God's Word
The Remote Context, As Used Before, The Immediate Context
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Volume 1 No.4 - In The Verse
In Harmony with Itself, Unclear Understood in Light of Clear, Similar VS Identical, Narrative Development-Scripture Builds Up
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Volume 1 No.5 - Figures of Speech
Figures of Speech, Condescensio
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Volume 1 No.6 - Orientalisms
Orientalisms - the works of Bishop K.C. Pillai, D.D.
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Volume 2 No.1 - The Giver and the gift
pnuema hagion - The Holy Spirit: God - or - holy spirit: the gift.
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Volume 2 No.2 - Our Standing and Our State
Our Standing - What we have received In Christ. Our State - Our walk In Christ.
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Keys to the Word's Interpretation
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