(The Game)

It's a little bit BINGO, a little bit GO FISH, and VERY simple.

Simply put - each player gets a GRACE game card.  In turn each player draws from a group of small cards that have been spread out face-down.  If he draws a card that speaks directly about "grace," he places the card on one of the empty squares on his game card.  If the card reads "WORKS," the player puts the card in a discard pile.

Here are a couple of G-R-A-C-E cards (with the word GRACE in the top row
and a row of empty squares in the bottom row).  Copy as many as you need or design your own.

Here we also have a set of small individual square cards to cut out to get you started.
(You may want to search for more scriptures and make your own.)
These will be placed face down in a pile or face down scattered on the floor or a table.
These cards are the "draw pile."

Here's a blank set for you to make some more.
This game will work well with just 2 GRACE cards (play with 2 teams) and the fifteen finished cards.

When one card has been filled, the "winner" can read and the group can discuss the scriptures that filled the card.

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