For years children have been turning milk cartons into little "computers."  With two slots and a curved sturdy paper insert connecting the slots, a card is put into the top slot with one side facing up; and the same card slides out of the bottom slot with the reverse side facing up.

     It has served well for multiplication facts and other kinds of questions and answers.  It's fun and easy to make and decorate; and we can use it to illustrate our hearts.  The "input" slot can pose questions, and the "output" slot can represent the "issues of life" that come from a heart that safely guards an abundance of God's Word.

     It isn't necessary to use a milk carton, but it is important to have the dimensions of the box allow for the paper strip inside to curve sufficiently for the cards to slip down easily.  You can even fashion your own from cardboard or poster board.

     Here are a couple of cards just to get you started.  Try out a few sizes until you find the one that works the best.  Remember that pictures work fine for nonreaders.  The important thing is to have the children actively involved and speaking The Word.  Focus on the "output."

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