Make a Light Catcher
With a light catcher you can illustrate a verse or passage
from God's Word.
     one 12" x 12" sheet of white tissue paper 
     several pieces of colored tissue paper 
     one 12" x 2" piece of poster board 
     one 12" x 6" piece of poster board 
     one 24" piece of yarn 
     pencil, pen, or crayons 
     scissors, glue, and a hole punch 

1.  Punch holes in the narrow poster board strip and attach yarn for hanging. 

2.  Glue the 12" x 12" sheet of tissue paper to the bottom of this strip for a background.  

3.  Cut picture shapes from colored tissue paper and glue them onto the background to illustrate your verse(s). 

4.  Write your verse(s) on the larger piece of poster board. 

5.  Glue this second piece of poster board onto the bottom of the picture to finish.


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