Putting It in Order
This is a great device for a "do it together" teaching.

Using the record in Genesis 1 as an example, here is a suggestion for a "flip book."  It has been divided into 6 sections to represent days, with room to write what happened on those days and to draw pictures.

  • First fold a sheet of typing/printer paper or construction paper vertically as indicated by the blue line in diagram (with the right portion being slightly wider than the left).

  • Draw 5 horizontal lines dividing the paper into sections representing "days," and cut each line to the vertical fold, leaving the right portion uncut.

With the paper folded and the cuts made, write "Day 1" through "Day 6" in the picture below.

As you go through the record in Genesis 1, the children can open the flaps (pages) for each day and write what happened on that particular day on the left-hand section and make a quick illustration of what was made on that day on the right-hand portion of the exposed page.