Gospel singer, songwriter, and musician for over thirty five years, Ted has performed coast-to-coast before large audiences (over ten thousand), small churches, and fellowships of Christian believers.

    Ted is a dynamic performing artist who delivers his song renditions with enthusiasm from the depths of his heart and soul. His vast and interesting repertoire embraces several music styles, including traditional hymns, country gospel, and adult contemporary.

Five albums of music are currently available and are shown below with song titles listed:
"Jesus, The Bluesbuster" 
  A little bit different, on this one Ted Ferrell uses the sound of the blues to relay the song messages.
1. Jesus, The Bluesbuster
2. Breakthrough
3. Let Jesus Be
4. Judas Blues
5. End of the Law
6. I Know That I Know
7. The Holy Ghost Ain't For Sale 
8.  Joyful Noise Jam
9. You Do It God Will Back It
10. In His Due Time 
11. Believing To Receive
12. Going Away
"One More Time With Ted" 
  Some of you have requested that I record a CD that contained a few of my older songs from yesteryear. Along with those tunes I have included some newer ones. *additional vocals by Kathy Ryner
1. This Could Be The Beginning 
2. Let's All Go Down To The River 
3. Only One Way 
4. Thanks To Calvary 
5. Attic Of Your Mind 
6. The White House Across The Street 
7. Holding On 
8.  Ready To Go 
9.  This Old House * 
10. We Are Persuaded 
11. He's Ever Interceding 
12. Only Believe * 
13. Only Love is Spoken Here* 
14. I Wouldn't Have Made It*
"Gospel Country Cooking" 
  I grew up in West Virginia listening to country gospel music. Through the years of my musical career, the sounds and the way country folks have in presenting the good news in song, has always been one of my favorite dishes.
1. We Have Everything 
2.  His Name Lives On 
3.  Jesus Was Hung Up For My Hang Ups 
4.  He Made Somebody Out of Me 
5.  Until I Can Walk 
6.  Peaceful Devotion 
7.  His Word Is Built 
8.  Always Wear Clean Underwear 
9.  God's Right Hand Man 
10. The Love Of God In You 
11. Please Come Back 
12. Rise And Shine
"The Comforter Has Come" 
  Included on this CD are some tunes recorded a long time ago that I pray will bless you. It is my joy and privilege to share these songs with you and to proclaim The Comforter Has Come.
1.  The Comforter Has Come 
2.  Nobody Knew 
3.  You Are What God Says You Are 
4.  Since I Found The Way 
5.  He Didn't Pass Me By 
6.  Called Out 
7.  Bridging The Canyon 
8.  The Lighthouse 
9.  I Go To The Rock 
10. You're Fired 
11. Traveling Light 
12. The Hope Of The Finish Line
"All These Things" 
  God's Word encourages us to sing unto The Lord a new song. (Psalm 33:3) On this CD are some new songs, including a couple of light hearted tunes.
1.  All These Things 
2.  There's A Battle Going On 
3.  The Master Of Compassion 
4.  We Know It's The Truth (T. Lepenski) 
5.  Old Things Have Passed Away 
6.  God Is Faithful 
7.  Waller Holler 
8.  Pants 
9.  Heading Home 
10. As He's Forgiven Me 
11. In His Due Time 
12. It Will All Be Over (with reprise)

God Bless You Abundantly, Ted

     Ted has composed many songs that he uses in a well arranged and rehearsed program. Ted is accompanied by music tracks, most of which he has produced and recorded.
     This seasoned, Christian entertainer is one of a kind who loves to sing the message of salvation and hope to saint and sinner alike about the love of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

    For More Information and Available Dates for Performances Contact:

Ted Ferrell